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    From planning your journey with any mode of transports to living with an electric car, Energy Saving Trusts' tips should be your first stop to achieving a greener journey.

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Further Information

Travel by car


Car Sharing

You can cut the cost of your car journey by registering as a member of a car share database. It works whether you have a car or not - meaning you are able to travel either as a driver, or by joining someone else as a passenger. Car sharing is a great way of travelling to work or further afield, to destinations where public transport isn’t available, and it helps to cut congestion and pollution.


To find out more about car sharing opportunities available in your area visit the following websites or download the apps which are available on iOS and Android phones:






Smarter Driving

Adopting ‘smarter driving’ techniques can help to save fuel and save money. They will also make you a safer driver and reduce wear and tear on your car.


The main techniques include checking your revs aren't too high, watching your speed, checking your tyres are pumped up and using air conditioning sparingly.


Other ways to perform smarter driving include buying a fuel efficient car such as a hybrid or electric vehicle. However, the main way to save fuel and money is by using your car less through walking, cycling and taking public transport, or car-sharing.






E-Car Club

E-car club offers self-service electric cars to hire by the hour, available from just £4.50 with power, breakdown cover and insurance included in the price. E-car club has many locations around the UK, including Barnet House, just 1.8 miles (3km) from Brook Valley Gardens. Vehicles can be booked for as little as an hour or as long as you require, ensuring that you only ever pay for a car when you need it.

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