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Walking is a quick, healthy and sustainable way of getting around.

Due to your proximity to Chipping Barnet, many local facilities and amenities can be reached within a short walk. Approximate walking times to key destinations are shown on the map below.


Key locations

High Barnet London Underground Station can be reached easily within a 10 minute walk, while High Barnet town centre is approximately 20 minutes’ walk away, and New Barnet main line Railway Station can be reached within a walk of approximately 25 minutes, east of Brook Valley Gardens.


High-quality direct footpaths are being provided throughout Brook Valley Gardens, connecting your neighbourhood to the surrounding local facilities. To the south of Brook Valley Gardens, walking routes into the countryside allow you the opportunity for recreational walks.

Time taken to walk


King George V playing fields

Co-Op, Mays Lane

Underhill Infant & Junior School

St Catherine’s RC Primary School

Tesco Express, Greenhill

Barnet and Southgate College

The Spires Shopping Centre

The Totteridge Academy

5 minutes

6 minutes

8 minutes

8 minutes

13 minutes

18 minutes

22 minutes

23 minutes

Walking times taken from Google Maps (from the centre of Brook Valley Gardens)


Whilst many health benefits are associated with integrating walking into everyday life, you can also help minimise environmental impacts caused through car travel by integrating walking into parts of daily journeys.


Did you know?

Regular brisk walking improves the performance of your heart, lungs and circulation. It can also lower your blood pressure. And it can reduce your risk of strokes, as well as the UK’s biggest killer - heart disease.


Walking at any pace will help you to manage your weight, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of some cancers (inactive people are more likely to develop colon, breast and lung cancer). Walking will improve the flexibility and strength of your joints, muscles and bones too - and it’ll reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


  • ► Dollis Valley Greenwalk

    A 10 mile (16km) walking and cycling route links areas of public open space in a green chain that runs between the Green Belt and Hampstead Heath, right through the heart of Barnet. The route is moderately flat, with hard surfaces that make it suitable for wheelchair users. Furthermore, the Greenwalk has been designed to link with
    the public transport system.

  • ► North London Outdoor Group

    The group organises approximately 20 weekend based day walks throughout the year within Barnet and the surrounding areas, as well as numerous social evenings, weekends away, and weekday evening walks.

  • ► North London & South Herts Ramblers

    Most of the members live in Enfield, Barnet
    or Potters Bar. Most groups organise regular walks led by local experts – a great way to get outside and discover how walking can boost your health.



  • ► Barnet Council Walking Maps

    Free maps that include route location, route distance and difficulty rating.

Further Information

Advance journey planning can often offer alternative routes that reduce your expected travel time.


For planning walking routes for everyday journeys or recreational purposes a series of digital resources are available, names and details of these sites are listed below:

Click on the map to open Google Maps and find directions to your destination

Download the walking map (PDF)

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